Leading the Hudson Valley and Catskill Region
in O&P Patient Care

Commitment to Successful Patients

Everyone is different. Each patient comes to POA with a unique body build, individual needs and very personal goals. A prosthesis or a brace that works perfectly for one patient won't necessarily work for another. Every member of the POA clinical team approaches each person just as they are - an individual. Our every effort is to meet your needs and to help you achieve your goals.

The entire POA team is committed to our single mission – To Provide World-Class Care. It is this singularly focused mission that this drives how we operate every day using our Core Values. We take this undertaking extremely seriously and use a variety of metrics to really measure how we are doing every month in reaching this goal. Take a look at how we monitor a variety of Patient Satisfaction analytics to really make sure that we keep our clients’ success as our top priority.

We all enjoy the advances of technology in our everyday lives. Our practitioners take this same idea and strive to put the latest advances in orthotics and prosthetics to work for you. The POA team uses leading-edge technology throughout out clinical process from measuring and fitting patients using computer-aided-design (CAD) as well as in the choice of components and materials which incorporate improvements in engineering and design. POA has utilized CAD technology for almost 10 years, and our practitioners regularly pursue additional certifications in the field. Our practice is at the forefront of using telemedicine, which provides access to clinical experts nationwide, leverages the benefits of electronic medical records and is a leader in the orthotics and prosthetic profession in the implementation of patient outcome measuring tools.

If you are a patient in the hospital, we strive to meet with you before you leave. We believe that this initial meeting is an opportunity for you to learn how we can help you and for us to answer any questions you may have. But even when this hospital visit is not possible, our intent is for you to feel 'cared for' whenever our staff is given the opportunity to serve you. Whether you require routine attention or are able to return to an active life without continual need for our services, we are there for you for life.