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Continuing Education

Prosthetics & Orthotics Associates is committed to helping all of our patients to optimize their overall health through regular dialogue with the patient, their caregivers, and other medical professionals with whom the patient is interacting. This consistent channel of communication is driven by the fact that the majority of O&P services provided have a daily impact on the patient’s ability to ambulate, function in their vocation, and conduct activities of daily living with family and friends.

In order to help other medical professionals to keep up with the latest technology developments in the orthotics and prosthetics field, the POA Clinical Team regularly provides groups of physicians, surgeons, physical therapists, occupational therapists and nurse case managers with onsite training seminars. These sessions can be individually designed for a specific practice but are often conducted for an entire region of medical professionals.

Please contact your closest POA office to learn more about how our Clinical Team can help to educate your group of medical professionals about the latest O&P technology that can help your patients.

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