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Gait Analysis

Being able to readily define the gait of a prosthetic or orthotic patient is critical to creating a treatment plan that will optimize each patient’s individual outcome. In the past, gait analysis was performed with the human eye and took years to master. However, this approach was also highly subjective. At POA, we have progressed with a stunning, new technology called the BTS G-Walk System that takes out all of the guess work and creates an objective, highly accurate assessment of dysfunctional gait.

Understanding and measuring the walking parameters for each patient is an immensely powerful tool for the initial functional assessment of rehab patients, for allowing us to determine movement ability, to select the most successful treatment plans and then to monitor the results of therapies over time. With our investment into the BTS G-Walk System, the POA Clinical Team now has a user friendly approach that can easily perform these gait tests both indoors and outside with patients and can generate a variety reports that quantify each patient’s comparison with normal range results.

When the use of the BTS G-Walk System is combined with validated patient outcome measurement tests such at the Timed Up and Go Test or the 6 Minute Walk Test, POA is able to create a report that can be shared with other medical professionals to measure key patient indicators such as:

  • Spatial-temportal parameters
  • Energy expenditure
  • Symmetry index
  • Pelvis Kinematics asymmetries

These unique gait analysis services are provided to POA patients at no additional fee and are viewed as a critical piece of the new-age clinical processes that POA is using to continually improve the POA patient care process.