Leading the Hudson Valley and Catskill Region
in O&P Patient Care


Over the last decade, the clinical team of POA has spent a great deal of time and effort expanding its expertise in the latest prosthetic innovations. Through that process, many of the POA clinicians have become among the most experienced upper limb prosthetic clinicians in the world. Successfully providing upper limb prosthetics requires a highly specialized skill set and an ongoing desire to keep up with this rapidly changing niche in the O&P profession. In order to continue to grow the team required for this unique area of patient care, the management team at Prosthetic & Orthotic Associates decided in 2012 to expand their service offerings by introducing Handspring.

Handspring is an ensemble of highly knowledgeable medical professionals who are focused on providing a holistic approach for patients needing specialized care in upper extremity prosthetic rehabilitation. Our uniquely experienced team of prosthetists, therapists, fabrication specialists, and insurance experts has worked with patients around the globe to provide innovative, highly customized prosthetic devices that assist patients in living their daily lives to the fullest.

Upper limb prosthetic patients in the Hudson Valley region can take full advantage of the Handspring Patient Care Process right here in Middletown, NY. Please contact our Handspring team at 800.593.9318 to learn more about our innovative approach to helping patients in need of holistic, upper limb prosthetic care.

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