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About POA

Thomas Passero, CP

Prosthetic & Orthotic Associates was formed in 1989 by Tom Passero, CP. At the time when he started POA, Tom was the senior staff prosthetist at the Center for Rehabilitation Technology at Helen Hayes Hospital, but he felt a growing desire to engage patients in a more intimate, private-practice setting. Since its beginnings on Ballard Road, the company has always been anchored in Middletown and now sits amongst the growing medical office area on Riverside Drive in Middletown. As a response to an ever-expanding regional population, as well as increasing numbers of physicians and therapists adding us to their healthcare teams, POA has continued to evaluate service needs in surrounding communities.

In 2003, Tom took over full operation of M&M Prosthetic Associates in Ulster and Dutchess Counties. M&M was started in the late 1970's by Michael Lefton, CPO, and the ownership of M&M Prosthetics was transferred to Prosthetic & Orthotic Associates following Mr. Lefton's retirement. Today, the two companies have merged under the name of Prosthetic & Orthotic Associates.

In 2012, the POA management team decided to once again expand the range of patient care services that they would provide by introducing Handspring, a clinical services team focused on upper limb prosthetic care. The highly-skilled clinical team that Tom brought together under the Handspring name is focused on providing a holistic approach for patients needing specialized care in upper extremity prosthetic rehabilitation. Our uniquely experienced team of prosthetists, therapists, fabrication specialists, and insurance experts has worked with patients around the globe to provide innovative, highly customized prosthetic devices that assist patients in living their daily lives to the fullest. The Handspring Patient Care Process is provided through the POA Middletown office; an office in New York, NY; a location in Glendale, CA; and at other patient care centers throughout North America.

The American Board for Certification in Orthotics and Prosthetics is a national association in the orthotic and prosthetic profession that is officially recognized by Medicare, other government agencies and payors to evaluate prosthetic and orthotic clinics and practitioners for their adherence to patient care management, quality assurance, facility management, and safety regulations. All of POA’s clinical locations are approved by ABC as facilities at the highest level of accreditation and all of our prosthetists and orthotists are 'certified' practitioners. Our clinical team has combined their book smarts, their practical experience and a caring human spirit to provide almost 100 years of professional experience in our local communities.