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About Justin Horowitz, CPO

Justin Horowitz, CPO

Justin Horowitz grew up in Trumbull, CT and was an extremely active kid as he grew up until he sustained a leg injury while running track in middle school. While his injury eventually led to a surgery and years of physical therapy, Justin’s medical situation opened his eyes not only to the healthcare field in general, but also exposed him to a wide range of fields associated with allied health. His original interest was focused on physical therapy, but as Justin learned more about applied biomechanics, his thoughts about a career continued to expand into other areas.

During high school, Justin had many interests but antique car restorations were what really got his motor running. Justin loved to make custom car parts in shop class for his car projects and he was always tinkering on one old car or another. When his dad introduced him to the orthotics and prosthetics field in 1974, he quickly saw that his mechanical interests with antique cars had some very similar aspects with the orthotics and prosthetics profession. When he combined his interest in biomechanics with his mechanical aptitudes, a career in the O&P profession became a natural fit.

After graduating from Cerritos College in Norwalk, CA, Justin moved forward with his orthotic and prosthetic training by attending the P&O program at the University of Washington and graduated in 1981. From Washington, Justin headed to Iowa City, IA to work for American Prosthetics. He remained there for three years before moving to the Hudson Valley to work as a certified prosthetist/orthotist for M&M Prosthetics. When Prosthetic & Orthotic Associates merged with M&M in 2003, Justin quickly became an important part of the POA clinical team.

Justin Horowitz, CPO

Justin has continued to grow his knowledge and skill set over the years as technologies have changed with orthotic and prosthetic patient services. He has provided advanced prosthetic technologies with countless patients, but Justin’s deeper interests revolve around leading the way at POA with new orthotic technologies. Justin has helped over 20 patients using Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) systems and is helping to lead the clinical charge for POA with the new MyoPro Upper Limb innovation. At the same time, Justin has developed an outstanding rapport with local patients through his interactions with his therapy dog, Wendell.

In his time away from work, Justin enjoys cycling and cooking, but the true love of his life is his daughter, who is entering college this fall.


  • Cerritos College, Norwalk, CA
  • University of Washington, Seattle, WA