Leading the Hudson Valley and Catskill Region
in O&P Patient Care

Since its inception, the entire team at Prosthetic & Orthotic Associates has focused heavily on how to provide the highest quality lower limb prosthetic care possible. The changes in prosthetics in that 20+ years has been revolutionary not only with the introduction of new components such as high activity feet and microprocessor knees but also in the overall level of knowledge that is available about how best to help lower limb amputees to return to a fully active life. Socket design, lightweight materials and the use of the new suspension options, such as vacuum-aided suspension, have all helped to provide more function from a prosthetic system while reducing the weight at the same time.

The clinical team at POA is one of the most experienced about lower limb prosthetics in the entire country and is heavily focused on utilizing new technologies to optimize the success that amputees can achieve. Besides providing care for hundreds of lower limb prosthetic patients every year and being committed to the use of CAD/CAM for over a decade, it is a company mission for us to have the most knowledgeable prosthetic clinical and fabrication teams in the world. This dedication to being experts provides outstanding patient outcomes every day in our practice, but our unique skills also provide a forum for leading prosthetic manufacturers to engage with Prosthetic & Orthotic Associates to help with the design, testing and implementation of new prosthetic technologies each and every year.

Whether it is an interim prosthetic device for a new amputee, a community-ambulator prosthesis to help an older patient to get around their local market, or a higher activity amputee who wants to run a marathon, the clinical team at POA has extensive experience in all aspects of lower limb prosthetic patient care.