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Lower Limb Prosthetics – Microprocessor Knees

The world of lower limb prosthetics has undergone a dramatic revolution over the past twenty years, and no specific area has changed more than the prosthetic knee. Traditional mechanical, hydraulic, and pneumatic knees have proven over the year to offer patients basic mobility, but the introduction of microprocessor knees into the US in 2000 took mobility for amputees to an entirely different level.

Microprocessor knees provide patients with stability, security, and confidence to allow each person to do more in their daily lives. By combining hydraulic knee systems with an onboard computer that can assist amputees with every step, a wide range of manufacturers have changed the way in which new and long term transfemoral amputees view their daily lives. Whether it is walking over uneven terrain, going up and down steps, or walking with variable cadence, microprocessor knees have proven to help thousands of patients with every step that they take.

Since the introduction of microprocessor knee technology over a decade ago, there has been significant anecdotal evidence about the value of these new devices. Now, there are several independent reviews that thoroughly prove the value of these innovative prosthetic knees for patients and for the healthcare field. The RAND Corporation recently released their comprehensive study which shows that 82% of patients wearing traditional prosthetic knees will fall each year while only 26% of patients utilizing microprocessor knee systems will fall. The impact that falls have on patients is enormous for their ongoing activity level, not to mention that average estimated increased healthcare costs after a serious fall can exceed $25,000.

In order to optimize the successful utilization of microprocessor knees, Prosthetic & Orthotic Associates has created a patient care process that begins with a thorough evaluation to determine the best products available for each specific patient, moves through a socket fitting process that is designed specifically with the use of microprocessor knees in mind, and progresses through gait and daily life training with each amputee to prepare them for the changes that microprocessor knees bring to their lives. The clinical team at POA is fully accredited to provide the best knee option for each specific patient from the full range of microprocessor knees including the C-Leg, the Genium, the Rheo Knee, the Power Knee, and the full range of Plie knees. Through a very dedicated effort over the past decade to elevate our clinicians’ education and experience with this innovative technology, Prosthetic & Orthotic Associates has become the leader in the Hudson Valley in providing the most appropriate, most likely to succeed above knee prosthesis for each patient’s specific needs.