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Lower Limb Prosthetics – Prosthetic Feet

Throughout the past 20+ years, Prosthetic & Orthotic Associates has worked with both patients and manufacturers to truly improve the performance that prosthetic feet are able to bring to patients in the Hudson Valley. Over that period of time, the clinical team at POA has progressed from providing basic SACH and single axis feet to working with manufacturers to provide cutting-edge prosthetic foot technology that allows amputees to live their lives exactly as they see fit.

Today's choices for prosthetic feet are both broad and deep. Because of this wide selection, it is critical that each patient has the opportunity to experience a wide range of prosthetic foot options. The patient care process at POA is designed such that every prosthetic patient can try a variety of different prosthetic feet under the guidance of our clinician so that we can work together to identify the best possible foot option to match each patient’s socket type, activity level and their specific activities of daily life.