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Lower Limb Prosthetics – Vacuum Suspension

For as long as patients have been wearing sockets, amputees’ single biggest daily challenge has been managing how well their residual leg fits into the fixed shape of their socket. Prosthetic socks and prosthetic liners have helped to address the daily fluctuations in limb size that amputees can experience but all of these solutions have been reactionary and produce highly variable results depending on each patient’s specific situation. However, the introduction of the vacuum suspension socket has radically changed the way that amputees work with their socket every day.

Prosthetic manufacturers have developed a wide variety of different products to help optimize the use of vacuum suspension but the reality is that each patient is very different in what they need with a socket. That’s why the clinical team at Prosthetic & Orthotic Associates has been at the cutting edge of understanding, developing, and utilizing a wide range of different approaches related to vacuum suspension. New innovations in the design of vacuum pumps, vacuum seals and prosthetic liners continue to evolve very quickly and the clinical staff at POA is closely involved with these developments. As a result, prosthetic patients who are candidates for the successful utilization of vacuum suspension can be assured that seeking their prosthetic care at Prosthetic & Orthotic Associates will result in them receiving the most appropriate vacuum suspension system for their own specific, daily needs.