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First Stride Clinic is a Big Success in Poughkeepsie!

19 therapists and 11 amputees training together

Helping patients in a World-Class way is the number one goal of everyone at Prosthetic & Orthotic Associates and we are constantly looking for new ways to accomplish this mission. This past weekend, we combined with the O&P Assistance Fund (OPAF) and Marist College to do just that!

19 therapists and 11 amputees training together

POA sponsored an OPAF First Stride Clinic that was held at Marist College in Poughkeepsie, NY. We were so excited to have 19 therapists in attendance for a prosthetic gait training seminar but were even more thrilled when 11 amputees spent their afternoon with us for a free gait training clinic. It was so exciting to see how all of these folks interacted and worked together to help every amputee there to improve the way that they walk each and every day. What an moving way to spend a day – helping others!

Be on the lookout for another OPAF First Stride event in the fall!