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Patient Outcome Measurement

The importance of tracking the results that patients achieve from their medical care is growing in importance throughout the entire healthcare industry. As we plan for the long term involvement of the Prosthetic & Orthotic Associates team as an orthotics and prosthetics provider, we are very focused on integrating patient outcomes measurement tools into our everyday patient care process.

In order to continue as a leader in the O&P profession, the POA Clinical Team has already integrated the use of Patient Outcome Measurement Tools into how we work with our patients. There are a variety of different validated measurement tools from which we select the most appropriate for a specific patient’s need. In order to help to track each patient’s progress using these quantifiable, measurement tools, our Clinical Team documents each patient’s records using the OPIE Patient Management System. This unique electronic medical record system has been created specifically for the orthotics and prosthetics profession and incorporates a standardized workflow that allows practitioners to gather patient data in a systematic manner. By utilizing this organized approach, POA is able to begin to compare patients not only to their own performance over time but ultimately to the general patient population who are receiving O&P patient care throughout the country.

At this time, the Prosthetic & Orthotic Associates Clinical Team is utilizing the following patient outcome measurement tools:

  • BTS G-Walk – wireless, objective outcome data for patients with gait deviations
  • Timed Up and Go
  • Amputee Mobility Predictor
  • Activity-Specific Balance Confidence Scale
  • Socket Comfort Score

POA Patient Outcomes brochure (PDF)