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Patient Satisfaction Survey

We firmly believe that understanding exactly how our patients view the services that have been provided by Prosthetic & Orthotic Associates is critical to both our current patient care efforts as well as where we want to improve in the future. In addition, we recognize that every provider in the new healthcare world is becoming increasingly focused on monitoring Patient Satisfaction as a part of our everyday efforts with patients.

As a result, the Prosthetic & Orthotics Associates’ team has committed to full involvement with the Quality Outcomes’ Patient Satisfaction Survey process. Quality Outcomes has become the leader in gathering patient outcome data for the orthotics and prosthetics profession by designing Medicare compliant patient satisfaction surveys for professionals seeking to optimize the feedback that patients can provide. POA patients can contribute their feedback through the Quality Outcomes system using either online or paper feedback forms. Through the use of both of these formats, Quality Outcomes gathers the patient data, aggregates the patient data for the profession and then provides benchmarking information back to O&P practices to compare themselves with other O&P providers throughout the country.

Practice Overall Patient Satisfaction Rating

This metric tells us how happy our clients were with the patient care services that we provided them. By using the Quality Outcomes system, we are able to compare our POA results to other O&P practices around the country so that we can constantly work to be the very best provider of orthotic and prosthetic services possible.

Practice Overall Patient Referral Rating

One key measure of how satisfied our clients are, is to understand how willing they are to recommend us to their friends and family. We want to WOW our patients so that they are eager to let everyone know that the services we provide them are World-Class.

Practice Patient Training Rating

A critical part of our patient care process is to help our clients to learn how the devices that we provide them can work best to optimize the activities in their daily lives. As a result, the members of our team consciously spend time working with each patient to train them on how to use their device, how to clean their device, and how to know if they need to come back to us if there is a problem. The more knowledgeable our clients are, the better their lives will be.