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Spinal Orthosis

There are many different types of spinal orthotic devices, or back braces, to help accommodate the wide range of neck or spinal conditions that patients may be living with each and every day. Spinal orthosis are most often prescribed to limit the motion of, correct deformity in, reduce axial loading on, or improve the function of a particular spinal segment of the body. In order to optimize the impact of a spinal orthosis, a custom-made system is often required.

The Prosthetic & Orthotic Associates’ clinical team has decades of experience in caring for patients who need highly customized spinal orthosis due to conditions including scoliosis, spinal cord injury, spinal fractures or other conditions that cause abnormal curvature of the spine. Improvement in the spinal condition occurs over time for each patient and can often require many months of daily wear to obtain successful patient outcomes. As a result, optimal fit of a spinal orthosis is critical in order to maximize the time that the device is worn without pain for the patient. The experienced clinical and fabrication team at POA thoroughly understands these dynamics for patients and is highly focused on providing a comfortable spinal orthosis with minimal discomfort to the patient through the fitting and daily wear process.