Leading the Hudson Valley and Catskill Region
in O&P Patient Care

A Complete Team

The entire team at Prosthetic & Orthotic Associates is dedicated to creating positive patient outcomes each and every day. With decades of experience, each patient who works with POA can expect a professional, caring environment where we believe that each individual has their own needs and requirements.

All of the steps in the Patient Care Process at POA are well-considered and important to creating the successful outcome that every patient desires. The well-trained members of the POA team will work with each patient to walk them through the following steps in the Patient Care Process:

  • Initial contact by the patient
  • Gathering the initial patient information
  • Evaluating each patient through a clinical review process
  • Beginning the insurance process
  • Fabricating a diagnostic, custom-made device
  • Optimizing the performance of the device
  • Finalizing the insurance and finance process
  • Providing a definitive device made specifically for each patient
  • Working with the patient and their therapist to create a successful rehab process

Please take a moment to meet all of our team members at Prosthetic & Orthotic Associates!